Interview: Jeremy McKinnon – A Day To Remember (на англ.)


Interview: Jeremy McKinnon – A Day To Remember (на англ.)

With A Day To Remember set to hit the stages of Soundwave 2012 (along with a couple of sideshows), A Day To Remember singer Jeremy McKinnon took time out for a quick chat ahead of their Australian visit.

LMM: A Day To Remember has come to Australia quite a lot in the past few years. Is there anything in particular that makes you want to keep coming back? 

Jeremy McKinnon: Australia was the first place that got it right away. It always feels like the people are more appreciative when we play in Australia as opposed to other countries.

LMM: When you last toured Australia in early 2011, you guys brought over a pretty big stage production, complete with beach balls and confetti.
Do you plan on bringing something on a similarly larger scale for Soundwave?

Jeremy McKinnon: Well, Soundwave isn’t an “A Day to Remember” show so we won’t be doing everything we did last time but we’ll always bring something.

LMM: What are you most looking forward to about doing Soundwave 2012?

Jeremy McKinnon: Being part if a festival because it’s not just about you and your band. You can go check out other music and have a great time.

LMM: What’s your favourite/least favourite festival experience?

Jeremy McKinnon: Soundwave is by far the best, the promoter takes great care of you, great hotels and dinners, and the shows are some of the best.

LMM: What’s your favourite Australian stereotype?

Jeremy McKinnon: Australian accents rock!

LMM: Have you got any pre-show routines/superstitions?

Jeremy McKinnon: We usually don’t do anything except fist bump when we walk onstage. Actually Neil gets wasted before we go onstage too.

LMM: What other bands are you excited about touring around Australia and sharing the stage with?

Jeremy McKinnon: System of a Down, Marylin Manson, and Limp Bizkit for sure.

LMM: What is the most important thing you bring when your on tour?

Jeremy McKinnon: My acoustic guitar.

LMM: Does the band have anything special planned for Soundwave 2012 in particular?

Jeremy McKinnon: If I told you it wouldn’t be special anymore.

LMM: Is there anything you’d really like to do whilst you’re in Australia?

Jeremy McKinnon: I never get to go out and see as much as I want to when we’re in Australia, I want to see more places.

LMM: Everyone knows it takes forever to get to Australia, what are you going to do to pass the time on the flight over?

Jeremy McKinnon: A little something we call time traveling, aka sleep!

LMM: What does the band have planned for the rest of the year after Soundwave 2012 finishes up??

Jeremy McKinnon: We finish up the 2nd leg of the Rise Against tour then it’s into the studio for the next album. - русский сайт посвященный металкор, пост-хардкор группе A Day To Remember, творчеству вокалиста Jeremy McKinnon, ритм гитариста Neil Westfall, соло гитариста Kevin Skaff, бас гитариста Joshua Woodard, барабанщика Alex Shelnutt, бывшего соло гитариста Tom Denney
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