the AU interview: Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember (USA) talks Common Courtesy and Soundwave Festival! (на нгл.)

В этом разделе говорим о группе A Day To Remember, делимся мыслями насчет альбомов, текстах и многом другом
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the AU interview: Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember (USA) talks Common Courtesy and Soundwave Festival! (на нгл.)

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the AU interview: Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember (USA) talks Common Courtesy and Soundwave Festival! (на нгл.)

I recently had the chance to talk with Jeremy McKinnon about A Day To Remember latest album. Common Courtesy. A record that struggled to see the light of day following a series of lawsuits with their US label Victory Records. Over the course of our chat Jeremy talks with a sense of resolve about why the album came out, how important the support of their Australian fans have been and looks at the future of A Day to Remember and looks back at where they've come from.

Hey Jeremy How’s it going?

Good. How are you?

Great. It’s exciting that the album has finally come out.

I can’t put it into words, it’s been a crazy year or so.

It seems to have been a real tough one with you guys out on the road for most of it, on top of everything.

Yeah we got to man, got to stay moving.

‘Right Back At It Again’ is a great first single, the title and the track really sum it up it really is right back into it. I noticed that the metal sections on the album are really heavy. Where you trying to push it harder on this album?

I generally say we don’t do anything on purpose, but it was kinda in the back of my head. I always really missed how on For Those Who Have Heart, it was such a bigger metal influence and I felt like over the last two albums we got further away from that metal influence. So I just subconsciously wanted more metal, so when it came time to pick all these heavy parts that we were writing songs around the more metal tinged ones were the ones that I leaned towards and that’s what we’d agree on. So it’s not like we did it on purpose, but we did it on purpose.

You guys were writing for quite a long time on this album, do you think it helped you focus on the little parts, crossing the t’s and dotting the I’s?

Oh yeah we’ve never had the chance to actually finish and album and been done with it, before this one and I think the quality of the songs and the quality of the mix shows that. I think the quality of everything we put out in the next year or so is going to show that. We have a lot of ideas for doing cool stuff for the fans that we haven’t got to do and we are going to do it to our standard not somebody else’s budget, we are going to put the money we want to put into our own stuff and sell it for the prices that we want to, to our fans. It’s really exciting. We couldn’t be happier with the situation.

So does that mean another album is on its way?

I mean it’s not going to be so much an album, but we have a few ideas, we’ll talk more about it later on in the record cycle. We have a few ideas that will encompass this record and a few extra things here and there for people who like us.

So you played some big venues in Australia last year and you are already headed back for Soundwave. You don’t leave us waiting.

They always want us back, it’s one of our biggest markets. It’s one of our markets where people want us the most. So we have been fortunate because we love being there, so it’s like the best vacation ever.

I remember watching you guys play at Soundwave in 2010 and I couldn’t even hear because the crowd was so big and we were so far back.

Damn that’s awesome to hear that was a great tour for us.

I feel as if Homesick was a real breakthrough moment. It was such a polished record and the Australian fans voted it their favorite hardcore record of 2009.

We were really honored by that A Day To Remember never gotten something like that which is cool. Australia have really bent over backwards for us. We really couldn’t be more appreciative.

You guys had a massive production for the house party tour across the states. Are we going to see something similar to that for Soundwave?

We were trying but it’s not going to work out that’s not our show. During this record cycle we absolutely will bring our house party production, we’ll probably add a little more to it and add some new songs from the record and do that show in Australia as well just not for Soundwave. We’d have to have two sets to make it work in Soundwave, which would just be completely out of our budget. So we’ll have to do it over our own headliner.

So back on the record. Victory have been involved in a fair few high profile law suits with other label artists like Thursday and Hawthorne Heights. How different do you think your experiences have been?

To be honest with you I didn’t really know much about the other lawsuits, because what no one knows is that they all had problems and they all sued they guy, but they all settled out of court. His game plan is to run out the clock so us bands either lose all our money or get backed into a corner and feel like we have to make a settlement that’s favoring him rather than us because he’s ran out the clock on us. We were the only band that said no we don’t care, we are going to put out our own album. We don’t care what you say, we don’t care about the money, we are just going to give this record to the fans and let this be decided at a later point and just tour on this record.

If this goes to trial we are going to be the first band that goes to trial against him so it’s going to be a pretty interesting year or two. We are pretty excited about it all because he has nothing to hold above our head anymore the only bit of control he had was saying that we couldn’t release this album which would of ended our career over time and the judge didn’t allow him to do that so now we can move on we can tour on this record and nothing he does will matter.

Congratulations for coming out on top of it. It’s always sad when those albums get buried under litigation.

Exactly, at the end of the day ten years from now no one’s going to remember this. People will just remember the songs.

On the record a lot of the lyrics find you looking back, like ‘I Remember’ and ‘City of Ocala’. It’s quite nostalgic how did it come along?

This is just were I was with the headspace, it’s been happening to me more and more. It happens to me all the time, since we’ve been a band, but especially these last few years because of how important this record was. How we were facing what could be the end of our career made me look back at everything we did and really think about this city which we went on record and said we hated multiple times. It’s the middle of nowhere, we didn’t have much of a scene but that place made us exactly who we are and we’ve done very well.

There’s something special about going home and being able to be around people who have known you for years not just because you’ve made it or did something special. It’s just cool to be able to go home and feel like a normal human again not somebody on a soapbox or in a spotlight. It was just a really emotional time for me as a writer. My parents lost their house during this whole process and we were cleaning out their garage that A Day To Remember started in and it hit me, I was like man fuck we have come so far from standing in this room as kids writing these songs that we still play to hundreds of thousands of people now and that is very humbling and how could I not talk about it you know what I mean.

It’s amazing how many people have that love hate relationship with where they grew up. This desire to get out, but a connection with the memories of being young.

You don’t get that when you’re a kid, you just want to be and adult, you want to grow up and do something different. So once you’ve went out and experienced things you realize how important it is to feel comfortable and how important it is to have connections to things and you’re never going to have connections to places like from where you grew up, you know what mean like from where you learned to drive a car, like deep rooted shit that you are going to have for the rest of your life and it’s pretty special to go back every now and again.

Well It’s inspired a great bit of writing on this album and it’s an achievement that it has even come out.

Thank you it was not easy, but we couldn’t be happier with the way it all worked out.

I’m looking forward to the shows.

Thank you we can’t wait to play. We’ll see you at Soundwave